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We're excited to invite you to join our team of content creators. Below we outline the entry exam process which is your backstage pass for freelance, part time and full time employment opportunities through DCBolt.

Entry Exam

Description: Submit a 1 minute, immersive animation for 55 Water. Approved submissions will be featured on a publicly visible LED screen located on the first floor lobby of the largest commercial real estate building in Manhattan. 

Span your animation across both displays, paying attention to the physical space between the two displays (accounting for the time it takes for visual elements to pass across or between the displays.) You can use the 55 Water logo or just play with the themes of "55"; "water / fluid simulations" and seasonal (spring, summer, fall and winter) motifs. 

Tip: This exam is your playground, so think outside the box and use the canvas creatively.

download TEMPLATES

Download these templates and branding assets to start. Using the logo is optional.



Resolution: 6400 x 1260

Duration: 1 Minute

Start and End on Black Frame

Frame Rate: 30FPS

File Type: .MP4

Codec: H.265

Max File Size: 2GB

Example Content

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