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DCBolt is a visual design and production studio comprised of a team of forward-thinking innovators and creative strategists. Tinkering with ideas that balance on the fence of feasibility, we exploit all technologies, both groundbreaking and time-tested, to create captivating brand experiences and immersive environments.

Our team specializes in experiential design, technical strategy and custom content creation. We offer full-service AV solutions that implement the latest in 3D projection mapping, video production, interactive software development and dynamic LED technologies.


We are dedicated to creating and implementing the most effective multi-sensory, immersive environments through which clients connect with their audience and where their stories can make a dent in the universe. Our mission is to drive concepts to reality, and we believe each success starts with the nuts and bolts of effectively communicating the vision.


Rule #1: A display is only as good as its content. Engaging media is an essential tool for sharing ideas, telling stories and bringing displays to life. In fact, we believe that a display is only as impactful as the content it features. DCBolt produces media to transform physical environments into multi-sensory journeys through sight, sound and story; This is the lifeblood that drives us as creators!

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