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Custom Content

DCBolt believes a display is only as good as its content. Compelling media is key to delivering truly immersive experiences with lasting impact. DCBolt offers its diverse background and expertise in cinematography, motion graphic design, 3D Animation, Motion Capture, and Compositing. We create custom content for a wide range of uses, including corporate lobbies, live events, projection mapping, and museum exhibits.

Our bread and butter are in the motion graphics realm, and our team of animators brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from diverse backgrounds including advertising, live production, public art, and corporate installations. We specialize in creating forced-perspective illusions through animation and game-engine programming and have an arsenal of tools and techniques. Whether you're looking to bring life to existing static graphics or need a complete overhaul of your brand, we're here to help.


Custom Displays, sizes, shapes, rasters and pixel spaces

3D & 2D Motion Graphics & Animation

Content Templates

Content & System Design Consultation

3D Modeling & Texturing


Pre-Visualization, Including Storyboards and Renderings

Interactive Development


DCBolt offers consultation on all aspects of Content: From digital signage solutions to completely custom content and visual storytelling. We are a full content production house, but we love working with other design teams. Following consultation, DCBolt creates content templates for any display in any media format for designers to use in production. These templates offer a "color within the lines" canvas where creativity can truly flourish. We simplify the technical aspects of production so design teams can focus on what they do best: DESIGN!

Live Visuals

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