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Relevant data visualization makes decision-making easy and communication seamless throughout the entire development process. Custom presentations convert potential buyers into pre-visualization believers through interactive building tours, 3D walk-throughs, custom finish selection, and real-time shadow studies. We use the Unreal Game Engine to generate live data visualizations in any format. Our approach integrates with live databases and feeds to render comprehensive visualizations to any spec.


Trigger at Anytime Examples: 

  • TIME - Scrub Through Time with Accurate Lighting and Shading

  • WEATHER - Rain, Snow, Fog, Sun, Clouds, Storms, Etc. 

  • SEASONS - Explore the Evolution of Seasonal Changes

  • CELEBRATIONS - Fireworks, Parades, Events, Crowd Sims, Blimps, Floats, Etc.

  • SPORTS - Building Windows Read “GO SOX” , “GO PATS” on Jumbotron 

  • TRAFFIC - Control the Amount of Traffic on the Streets

  • Close-ups, Crown Simulation Wave

  • Partner / Sponsor Branding - Branded Blimp Flies by etc.

Update Content Dynamically via Datasets:

  • Calendar Events - Entertainment Venues / Upcoming Events

  • Signage and Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Restaurants and Retail Opportunities

  • Real Estate and Development Opportunities

  • City Infrastructure Visualization

  • Demographic and Economic Data Visualization

  • Investment / Sales / Presentations


Integrate with Live Data Examples:

  • Reflect on the current weather, date and time 

  • Reflect the current traffic conditions 

  • Fenway Park Scoreboard shows latest score

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