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Water Street Tampa

Interactive, real-time, game-engine driven, projection mapped “virtual city” - the first of its kind.

SPP has partnered with DCBolt and IMERZA to create an immersive, experiential Marketing Center for its Water Street Tampa development. Whitespace, SPP’s Technology Consultant, worked with SPP to define the high level vision for the experience and called on DCBolt to bring the concept to fruition. The Marketing Center showcases an impressive 16’ diameter circular, 3D printed scale model of downtown Tampa, and is the first augmented reality project of this type and scale ever created. The experience embodies a fully interactive, real-time 3D “virtual city”, and is unparalleled in terms of its breadth of application and technological complexity. Over 450 3D printed buildings, including 28 SPP-owned buildings, and a total of 1,500 individual parts are illuminated by a state-of-the-art projection mapping system designed by DCBolt, consisting of (12x) 5800 lumen Canon laser projectors, mounted on (2x) motorized truss rings suspended from the ceiling with real-time data visualizations powered by the IMERZA Platform to bring the city model to life. The 3D printed model was designed to be constructed modularly, with individually removable buildings to allow for future, physical adaptations. The city model serves as the centerpiece of P2 and an engaging sales tool to draw residents and businesses into the heart of Water Street Tampa. IMERZA developed a total of 5 custom applications, a custom cloud-based data aggregation platform, a custom communications server to allow the apps to communicate with each other in real-time, and a back-end content management system. The real-time 3D applications are based on gaming technology, making use of the cutting-edge RTX chipset by Nvidia with real-time ray tracing, all of which allowed IMERZA to create photo-realistic lighting and shadows. An SPP Experience Manager drives the guest experience using a custom iPad controller to trigger various data sets that align to the manager’s narrative and specific presentation. Realtime data-driven visualizations, such as color washes, informative heat maps, evolutionary simulations and real-time solar studies give visitors and prospects an inside look at Water Street Tampa’s infrastructure, economic environment, demographics and social forces, opportunities, current impacts and trends. External data sets include comparative market data, GIS based demographic data, flights, building types, traffic patterns, transit options and commute times and quantitative consumer insights, and neighborhood amenities. Internal data sets provided by SPP include marketing / sponsorship opportunities, WST building data, parking and connectivity options. To support and correspond to the visualizations projected on the city model in real-time, 2 Video-Walls nearby allow presenters to call on relative information, showcasing informative content like images, videos, floor plans, and real-time views from any SPP building.

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