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Google Ideas Summit

Conflict in a Connected World - Interactive Projection Mapped Floor NYC

DCBolt & M1 partnered with Google Ideas and Freedom House to develop an interactive floor experience for the Google Ideas 'Conflict in a Connected World' Summit in NYC. Through a series of panels, presentations, and participation in a number of labs, the Summit aimed to expose current online threats, contemplate future trends, and bring attention to tools and approaches designed to empower people in the face of conflict or repression all throughout the world. The three day long agenda also included product launches, intimate breakout sessions and educational installations.

The vision for the interactive projection mapped floor installation was to provide an immersive way for participants to learn and engage with different types of internet censorship around the world, as well as to strengthen the digital security of activists. As guests approached the activation floor, they would encounter a low-poly spinning globe. Once a user’s proximity was detected via tracking cameras, the floor would trigger an animated zoom into the globe to focus on a location of interest, where guests could read stories, stats and information about current conflict and exposure in that particular location. From there, guests could essentially “walk the globe” to see the interconnected nature between physical and digital conflict.

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