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Chicago Fine Arts Festival

Artist Activation through Custom 3D Building Projection Mapping Live Production

Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce called on DCBolt to bring the works of hundreds of traditional artists to life through a captivating outdoor building projection mapped ensemble. The live performance showcased the diverse talents of Chicago’s most renowned painters, sculptors, and mixed media masters through a vibrant and energetic flow from still originals to animated, augmented reality visualizations. Creative architectural transitions played with light and shadow on the contours of the building and in the windows to emphasize depth, drama and the true heart of the most profound works. DCBolt’s interactive video “play spaces” gave guests a stage to dance to live music and draw in real time as a projected feature on the building as well as an act in the show. This interactive element was key to giving guests the opportunity to share their own artistic expression, to fully engage with each other and with the live show.

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