Looking for a powerful way to communicate your message? We pair the latest in projection mapping technology with vivid 2D and 3D custom content to transform any physical surface into an immersive media display. Breathe new life into new and existing architecture, products, or even natural environments. (Yes, volcanoes, mountains and lakes have all been mapped before). The world is your oyster in terms of canvases, and we are here to bring your canvas to life. Event coordinators are implementing 3D projection mapping at product launches, company celebrations, store openings, movie premiers and more. These multi sensory experiences are jaw-dropping, larger than life displays that have lasting impact on your audience.


Led lighting is a great way to enhance the aesthetic of any space. As a cost-effective, energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting, LEDs have gained popularity in recent years. Unlike incandescent or florescent lights, LEDS allow for high level color and brightness control and are available in a variety of forms, including Strips, Modules, Screens, Curtains and Bulbs. The flexible and customizable nature of LEDs make them a multi-purpose lighting source applicable to virtually any environment.


Interactive media is the cornerstone of today's visual communications landscape. Customers not only want to see, smell, taste and touch their favorite brands, they've come to expect it and even make purchase decisions based on such experiences. There is an overwhelming number of tools, platforms, customization techniques and branding opportunities to employ. What's key for today's event managers, brand and product developers to understand is how these tools can be used to create an experience that truly stands out. That's where we come in. The real question is, what is your objective? Interactive media can be molded and manipulated to fit your needs and goals. So whether you want to entertain, educate, sell or inspire, we can deliver results that translate into brand loyalty, positive impressions, memorable environments and shareable experiences.


Compelling content is the key to delivering truly immersive experiences with lasting impact. DCBolt offers its diverse background and expertise in cinematography, motion graphic design, 3D Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Motion Capture, Compositing and Post Effects. We specialize in creating custom 3D motion graphics for diverse projection mapping systems, interactive installations, and immersive environments. We also offer turn-key social aggregation and dynamic digital signage solutions.


We offer turn-key solutions for a variety of digital signage applications from standard displays to enterprise-level systems. We're well-versed with all CMS platforms and can jump in to assist with any existing team, platform, or assess any existing digital signage infrastructure and recommend cost-effective upgrades. We customize our services per client to assist existing personnel who work with the digital signage. Lean into our dynamic links library for live social media aggregation, news, weather, sports, or hundreds of other live feeds. Have an upcoming digital signage project or trying to take control of existing screens? Whatever you need, we've got you covered.


Allow our technical gurus to do the heavy lifting for you. From conceptualization, coordination, drafting, engineering to content template/application creation, Our system engineers are highly detailed, direct, skilled, and the best in the biz. We understand our roles don't stop at one function, that's why we train every engineer and programmer on our foundational design principals. We work with all the trades to make sure the proper infrastructure for your unique system is in place before diving into detail. This alone saves you money in the long run.


Need a road map to success? We consult on design projects both large and small through strategic planning, engineering, drafting and design/production. Whether you're looking for a turn key solution, or already have a creative team in place but require technical direction, we match your project with the right experts for the tasks at hand. Listening to your needs, understanding your goals and delivering your vision on time and on budget is the key to successful implementation and is our #1 mission. We take the guesswork out of the process. You can breathe easy when you lean on our experts to deliver results that drive your ROI and maximize the reach of your brand, products or services.


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