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Newmark Knight Frank HQ

Immersive LED Brand Activation & Custom Content for Global Real Estate Services Firm

One of the world’s leading commercial real estate advisory firms in New York City, Newmark Knight Frank had a vision to bring its newly renovated, industrial, warehouse-inspired space to life with a custom portrait, LED canvas. The 40ft tall x 8ft wide video wall spans the 2 floors of NKF’s lobby at its NYC headquarters and serves as the focal point of the modern lobby space. As is often the case with custom digital displays, Newmark faced the challenge of defining the media experience and called on DCBolt to design, engineer, program and produce unique, custom content for its digital canvas. DCBolt developed high resolution imagery, dynamic motion graphics, forced-perspective illusions and branded particle simulations for the lobby wall. All content consists of vibrant colors, organic motion and high contrast digital art-scapes while honoring Newmark’s branding guidelines and global-culture aesthetic. The dynamic content is managed by a custom CMS and is an ever-evolving digital art experience for Newmark employees, clients and guests. The greatest challenge of any content project is keeping things fresh and creating elements of surprise that intrigue viewers and tenants. This is especially true in the corporate setting, which is why Newmark retains DCBolt for ongoing content development on an annual basis. DCBolt’s annual content service and maintenance allows Newmark to continually update their lobby with fresh content that’s relevant to current events, seasonal changes, digital trends and larger artistic movements. This dynamic approach to media production aligns with Newmark’s forward-thinking brand and tech-centric culture.

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